Many of the projects at SEE are offered at no cost and often at great personal expense, (time and money). The School of Embodied Enlightenment™ is an educational/psychological/spiritual community dedicated to Embodied, Enlightened Consciousness, turning no one away due to lack of finances. This means that a “seeker” might be able to attend and fully participate while only paying a small amount toward the fee OR that they might be able to pay zero and still participate and grow from the experience. Due to the “mission” that no one be turned away, combined with the costs it takes to keep this School afloat in Princeton, NJ, we appreciate your financial support to be used for scholarships and grounds upkeep. So much gratitude to you for considering a contribution in support of the goals and mission of SEE.

Annually, SEE offers kundalini yoga/shamanic kirtan MEDITATION classes, Full Moon Circles, Quarterly Solstice and Equinox Events along with regular workshops, gatherings and lectures designed to enhance awareness of both psyche and body.

All financial contributions graciously received and will be utilized solely for the advancement and continuation of SEE.

Please mail check to:

The School of Embodied Enlightenment™
40 Deer Path
Princeton, NJ 08540

Or make your contribution here via PayPal: Whatever contribution you make, a receipt will be sent to you.

Thank you for your contribution for the continuation of this work and may you be blessed in return. Know that you can also support SEE’s work in the world by sharing the events with friends, family and colleagues along with purchasing books and cd’s and other items shared throughout the year. May you be blessed and find peace in a community of shared values that inspire individual enlightenment, communal enlightenment and the enlightenment and healing of Mother Earth. Participation in our programs also helps to make our vision reality here on Middle Earth.

Bless you and so much LOVE in return to you,


Roberta Mary Pughe, Sat Avtar Kaur